The Future of Travel

Getahway is an organization founded by a team of ambitious tech entrepreneurs who are not only passionate about travel, but also about leveraging technology to make life simple. In fact, that is the basis of the organization’s vision, which is to ‘Simplify Travel’.

Our organization’s mission will be to look at all aspects of the travel process from planning and booking to getting back home safely, and finding ways to utilize current and future technology to better serve travelers around the world. With the innovations that we are looking to implement in future phases, we aim to become completely synonymous with travel and make the whole travel process a hassle free experience from start to finish.

We are just at the beginning of our journey and we are working on developing our first product offering, the Getahway Marketplace; a fully all-inclusive marketplace looking to tackle the planning and booking aspect of travel by connecting Travel Takers with Travel Makers.

We can’t wait to show you ‘The Future of Travel’, till then feel free to explore our site and use the first iteration of the Getahway Marketplace from our homepage.

Happy travels!

Getahway Marketplace

Where Travel Takers Meet Travel Makers

The Getahway Marketplace is made up of three key technologies, which are; Traveler Directory, Marketplace Network, and Magazine Interface.

The Traveler Directory is a database of all the Travel Takers on our site. This directory will store the travelers’ personal information and house all the data points collected on the travelers’ personality and travel habits. This technology will leverage the use of machine learning and multiple sources of Travel Taker data to hone in on the information that will be used to help our Travel Makers to create the customized unique itineraries.

The Marketplace Network is like Uber’s driver network, but instead of connecting passengers with drivers, the Marketplace Network connects the Travel Takers with Travel Makers. This network will consist of professional agents, local businesses or regular individuals who are either already in the travel industry looking for another revenue stream, or passionate about travel and looking for a way to monetize their passion by creating and selling itineraries for our Travel Takers.

The Magazine Interface is what connects the Traveler Directory with the Marketplace Network. It includes an easy-to-use itinerary builder, integration with our OTA partner to include the travel inventory in the itineraries, a function to import external travel inventory (i.e. if Travel Maker has own inventory), a recommendations engine using the machine learning to help with creating itineraries, an interaction system that manages the relationship between the two parties, and a payment system.


Travel Takers submit a trip request


Travel Makers respond to request and produce an itinerary


Travel Takers review itineraries and chooses one that fits their preference and budget


Getahway takes care of all the reservations and confirms the travel itinerary

Want to work with us?

We are always looking for partners who would like to potentially work with us. Feel free to drop us a message and we’ll get in contact with you to discuss the ‘Future of Travel’.